Welcome to the
Institute for GeoComptutational Analysis and Statistics (GeoCAS)

The Institute for Geocomputational Analysis and Statistics at the University of the Virgin Islands works with social and physical data that is tied to geographic location for research, policy, and management.

GeoCAS is an active online repository for geographic and other geographically locatable data for the Virgin Islands and the larger Caribbean Region and partnerships with many US federal agencies to serve data. To see the quality and extent of data available use our data access portal.

We also provide training in the use of geographic information systems software and spatial analysis. We provide map, poster, and other printing services . GeoCAS staff also works with the regional community and local governments on data aquisition and management projects of importance.

Staff at the Institute act as faculty at UVI and conduct research into topics including hydrology, attitudes towards the environment, and the state of the environment. The Institute also has connections to the Center for Marine and Environmental Studies and various other departments at the University of the Virgin Islands .

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